Your requirements are at the heart of what we do

We listen to your requirements

We are always concerned to meet market demand, and we listen to our customers, whether skilled tradesmen, supermarkets, restaurants or industrial concerns. By attending a large number of national and international trade shows and our daily presence at our customers lets us benefit from users’ experience to develop a product range that meets their requirements in performance, safety and use.

Our five principles

Responsiveness : Availability and responsiveness of our technical and sales team.

Quality : High quality product range made entirely of stainless steel using French know-how.

Hygiene : Our machine designs guarantee the highest level of food safety for consumers, facilitating optimal cleaning, single unit construction, well-spaced curves etc.

Performance : Investments have facilitated the production of 95% of parts, restricting subcontracting and using powerful systems offering short delivery times.

Compliance : All our equipment complies with CE standards.