Dadaux Company

For over 30 years our company has specialised in the manufacturing of equipment for meat, delicatessen, restaurants and the agrifood industry.

Dadaux company in Bersaillin (+1500m² in 2018)

Dadaux Gastrotech company in Poligny (+750m² in 2018)

2015 : 40 years in the trade and 25 years of production

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An exceptional range

Our technical know-how and experience lets us offer an entirely stainless steel range that is unique on the market. In order to always meet requirements as effectively as possible, our engineers are working every day to develop our product range and offer powerful, robust and ergonomic equipment. Our company’s high technical level has made it a European market leader with an excellent reputation among users.

We are the only French manufacturer capable of supplying all the requirements for your laboratory, and in our product range you will find products that meet your expectations and are suited to your production.

The breadth of our product range is today unequalled throughout Europe, which has allowed the company to successfully penetrate the international market.


A company that dares to diversify

To meet the needs of the different kinds of customers, we have been able to diversify by developing new machines :

> Development of unique range of stainless steel slicers, which has become the market standard on the French market in under 4 years.

> Creation of cheese slicer machine that has been received enthusiastically by shop managers concerned about the working conditions of their employees.